Top 8 Logo Design tools our expert uses

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What do you think are the most important tools a designer uses to create great logos and create brand awareness for businesses? A lot of designers feel that it is a good combination of technology, creativity and intuitive thinking. However, there are so many things graphic designers can use to enhance their skills, and some of them are much more effective than others. There are a variety of tools and software programs out there designed to help designers come up with amazing logo ideas. A graphic designer can use one or all of them. Here are the best logo design tools that our expert uses.


One of the most basic but very effective tools that a graphic designer should have in their arsenal. This will allow them to change colours, add text and merge images. The main drawback is that, at times, it can be difficult to know where to begin or where to end. Another issue is that, at times, using this tool incorrectly can lead to an incorrect final product. Therefore, it should only be used on high quality graphics.


For some people, Illustrator may just be the best program for designing logos. It allows one to easily create crisp and detailed images that will be perfect for any design. Another wonderful tool that we have found useful is the gradient tool. This tool is one of the best in helping one to create an appealing image. If there are multiple colours that need to be changed, the gradient tool allows one to easily blend them together. One of the best things about this program is that, it can be updated online so a designer does not have to worry about purchasing a new version.


While Fireworks may not be as popular as Photoshop or even Sketchbook Pro, it is still one of the best graphic designing tools. In fact, Fireworks is the preferred program for many web designers when creating Flash presentations. One of the nice features that you will come across when using Fireworks is that it offers a wide array of tools for creating unique shadows and reflections. If you are a good designer, you will also love its array of brushes and other tools. To sum up, if you are looking for an attractive way in creating a stunning logo, Fireworks is the way to go. This is the most valuable of our top 8 Logo Design tools.

After Effects

Although Adobe has released After Effects CC, it might be best to wait until after you have learned a little more about this powerful software. After Effects offers everything a designer could possibly want in terms of creating a stunning logo. Its motion-tracking allows the designer to easily see the movement and flow of a logo throughout the seconds of its creation. This is definitely one of the best methods in creating a logo design that will garner attention and improve your business’s reputation.

Corel Draw

Although Corel Draw is fairly new, it is gaining popularity fast because of the quality of designs it produces. Unlike Paint Shop Pro, it does not require any prior experience in order to create a stunning design. For designers who are unsure about how to use Corel Draw, there is an online tutorial available. This gives you a glimpse on the various options available in Corel Draw, which are available for you to choose the ones that suit your needs.

Freehand Scripts

Freehand fonts are ideal if you are a novice at designing logo. Use these freehand scripts to create the shape of your logo. If you are unsure of the perfect shape for your logo, you can create from the samples. Try to add some touch of creativity. This can be done in different ways such as sketching, paint sketching, and marker writing and so on.

Clipping path

This is a very easy method in which you can create unique and creative logo. Just make use of the right shape for the clipping path then draw your image. This will allow you to change the shape and colour of the text so it will not look out of place.

Use of icons

For icons, the big advantage you have is that you can use as many icons as you want. This will allow you to save more space on your desktop. Another tool you should use is the duplicate stamp tool. You can use this in order to create a texture on your icon. This is very important to you.


These are the top eight logo design tools that our expert uses. There are many more in the line. If you want to get your logo designed quickly, then you should always remember that these are the tools that you need. Go out there and find them now! Good luck!

The tools that our expert uses are many and they are a combination of those listed below. These include Logo Making program, Logo Designer, Logo creator, vector graphic creation software, Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator, and much more. Each one of them has different ways of helping you create your business identity. They also offer tutorials and tips to better navigate their tools so you can create your designs faster.

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