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With almost half a century of experience in logo designing and branding, New Brand Media, a Bengaluru-based logo design and branding company has successfully created a niche. We are the largest logo designing and branding company in South India, with a variety of creative and technical skills. Our company has carved a niche in the highly competitive field of Logos and Branding by providing our services to a number of organizations ranging from small enterprises to large conglomerates. Apart from this, we also provide our services to government organizations as well. Our services are widely acclaimed because of our creativity and effectiveness, not to mention, affordability. Hence, the company enjoys a good reputation among clients from different industries across the country and overseas.

We offer professional services, be it in the areas of logo design and branding, or web designing and development. The kind of services offered by our logo designer and branding company also depends upon the kind of products or services it is dealing in. We generally focus on offering our services to a corporate clientele. We are capable of developing and designing both logos and corporate identities. All the elements of a logo, like colors, fonts, images, etc., are made using the right tools and techniques. Our company also has the requisite expertise and the right infrastructure in place to ensure that each logo is created and developed according to the client's specific requirements.

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If you want to create a unique, professional logo for your business or organization, you should get in touch with New Brand Media, an affordable logo design agency in Bengaluru. We can help you create a logo that is unique and appealing. The design process will include a comprehensive analysis of your target audience. This enables you to create a logo that is not only appealing but also cost-effective. Our design company uses the latest and cutting-edge design technologies. In today's competitive world, every company wants to be on top and it is only logical that they use the latest technologies to make their mark on the industry. With the help of New Brand Media in Bengaluru, you will be provided with a range of innovative services including web design, vector graphics, and many more. By using our services, you can save a significant amount of money and use that money towards your business needs.


A professional logo is a central part of any brand, as it is usually the first point of contact for most potential clients. As such, it’s vital to make sure that when you make a logo, it truly represents your brand and can connect with consumers. in our portfolio, you can see different types of styles and quality our designers can achieve.

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Today, most business houses use the logo to promote their business in the global market. A corporate logo acts as a trademark for your business. As a result, you can easily get business deals and contracts from around the world. For this reason, it becomes essential for businesses to design their logo in a professional way. The New Brand Media from these Bengaluru-based firms specializes in creating both letter and image graphics. We are capable of designing logos for any kind of company. Besides, we are also known for our creative artwork. You can avail the best logo from us so that your company can grab more attention.

If you wish to place online advertisements of your product or service, then our good logo will serve as an effective tool for you. With our unique and professional approach, we can help you in designing the perfect advertisement. We offer services like logo designing, logo design services, brand promotion, print & digital media marketing, and web development. All these services are provided by the best professional experts of our firm. Thus, if you are looking to get a new identity for your company, then you must hire the services of our logo design company from Bengaluru.

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A Custom Logo is the core component of any successful business entity. It is the face and the voice of the business that represents its business image to its prospective customers and the rest of the world. If any of these three components (a new product, a new marketing strategy, or a change in the business) goes wrong, it is the logo that plays the spoilsport. This is why; even if your business is flourishing you must maintain the professional look of your brand with an apt logo design. In this article, we will discuss the importance of your logo and the points that you must take into consideration while designing your company's logo.

The first thing that one notices about a successful company is the creativity and imagination that they show in their creation of a custom logo. They are able to depict the entire concept of the company in just a single logo design. You too can be part of this trend and make your company stand apart from the rest of the players in the same league. The key is to know the target market first, identify them, and then create a logo that matches your business goals, aspirations, and philosophy. This can be done with some help from an agency or a good quality designer.

Another important aspect is that it should be easy to remember and portray the essence of the company. It is no use creating a sophisticated logo if it can't be remembered by the customers. The logo should communicate something about the nature of the business. This is the reason; many firms opt for cartoon characters as they are easily identifiable and easy to remember. The color combination is very important. You must ensure that the color scheme reflects the kind of company you are dealing with.

Best Freelance Logo Designers in Bangalore

Graphic design firms usually employ the services of the best Freelance Logo Designers in Bengaluru. These professional designers are trained to make intricate and professional-looking corporate logos for their clients. With the increasing demand of businesses in the global markets, businesses often outsource their logo designing requirements to a graphic design firm located in the city. The professionals associated with a reputed, graphic design company are trained to create amazing logos using the latest design software available in the market today. By creating an attractive logo, a company can promote its products and services globally.

Freelance logo designers are usually specialized in developing unique designs that can represent the vision of the company. A client should be very clear about what he wants his logo to look like. The client should discuss his requirements with the designer, who will in turn work towards fulfilling his desires. Some of the common questions that clients ask include the type of logo that they are looking for, the colors they want, the shape of the logo, etc. It is important to understand that the custom-designed logos created by the companies will be very unique as they have not been used by anyone else before. A good designer will be able to produce a unique logo in a timely manner.

Freelance designers working in Bengaluru usually concentrate on creating logos for companies working in digital media. The best designers have complete knowledge about the digital graphics packages available in the market and are capable of producing quality work within stipulated time frames. These companies usually offer the best combination of creativity and technical skills, which enable them to create quality designs for clients. They use the latest technology, such as Flash and 3D animation, along with their creative skills, to come up with some of the best designs in town. The design process generally takes between two and four weeks, depending upon the complexity of the work that is involved.

Things to Be Considered in a Logo

A logo is simply a graphic representation, symbol, or design utilized to aid and increase public recognition and identity. It can be of a symbolic or abstract design or contain the written name of the entity that it represents such as a trademark or brand name.

A logo provides your business with a visual identity, conveying your company's unique ideals and purposes to its customers. Logos are typically created by a highly trained graphic designer who will work with your advertising agency and marketing department to conceptualize a logo for your business. This type of graphic representation is typically used as a generic or trademark logo for a company. These kinds of professional designs are known as business identity.

Companies use logos to separate their products and services from those of other companies. The design of a logo will create an image in a customer's mind about the product and its company. You can also create a logo using different fonts and colors that represent the company's values. A good logo design will help your company to be recognized. Logos can also provide clues as to the nature of your business, what you sell, and your place of origin.

Size of Logo

The size of a logo is not as important as its color design, since a large-sized logo will not always be effective. A small and simple logo will be more memorable, therefore, it has greater chances of being implemented. Some facts about logos are also related to color, font, and other design aspects.


It is important to choose a suitable design for your company. Before you begin the process, you should first look around and see what design interests you. There are many websites that display different design ideas. You should then analyze these options. Some of the commonly used graphic design tools include Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe Illustrator. These design tools should be sufficient for your needs, so you should think carefully about the design you want and then begin working on your own logo.


Another useful fact about logos is its recognition. Many business owners say that their logo makes a big difference in their businesses. This is because people can easily remember a familiar logo, so it will be easier for them to recognize a particular company. Logos are very important to all companies because they represent the company on many levels. It can attract new customers, increase productivity, and promote awareness.

Business Representation

Some interesting facts about the logo might also interest you. First of all, it is a known fact that a good logo design is one that accurately represents the business it represents. Also, it should be attractive, simple, and unique. A logo is not only a sign of beauty but also of professionalism. In short, it is a representation of the company and the owner's personal concept.

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