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20 Proven Ways to promote Your Website

You cannot claim to be famous once your website is ready. You need to find ways to promote your website and drive traffic to it. We have enumerated 20 points that can be followed to promote your website.

1. SEO

If your website gets on the list of results that search engines fetch, you have almost climbed the ladder. Search Engine Optimization makes your website more visible. It keeps your presence effective on the web. Follow smart SEO techniques to promote your website.

2. Submit to Directories

Sticking to famous people can get you popularity. Submitting to directories is similar to that. There are directories on the internet where you can submit your website. These will drive more traffic to your website by linking to your website when people search something related to your content.

3. Blogs

People would like to know general things related to your business. Include a blog and be active in posting your articles that would enlighten people. Invite others to write for you. You can open the gate to let them share their knowledge and experience. And once a person gets his articles published on your blog, he would market enough for your website.

4. Testimonials

Others speaking about your service has a greater impact than you talking for your business. Concern for the testimonial page would help you in many ways. If your client gets famous, you will eventually end up getting popular. Your clients' customers may have an innate trust in you and this will do decent promotion for you.

5. Pay per Click Ads

This is an effective way of posting your ads on the internet. You can put your website details anywhere by creating pay per click ads. You have to pay the search engine that hosts your ad only when your ad gets clicked. This will be of profit to you.

6. Retargeting Ads

When a customer visits your site, you can keep reminding them of your existence by showing up your ads even after their visit. They will be impacted by your brand and will most probably get back to your site.

7. Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook to host your ads. Seeing that Facebook has a large number of users, your website is very obvious to get famous. You will become a familiar brand among people who will soon become your customers.

8. YouTube Videos

You can get your videos played on YouTube where your brand will be exposed to a large set of users. This is yet another way of promoting your website. The large number of users in YouTube will become an advantage to you.

9. Social Media

Social Media is the best way to connect to random people. If you are successful in impressing one person, you are likely to be known by his people. Social Media can proliferate your fame and the effort you need to put in is very minimal when compared to the promotion it does for your website.

10. Submit Your Blogs and Articles

People who had visited your website may catch up with your blog often, provided the content is worth it. But you cannot rest on your laurels. Someone out there who isn't familiar with your blog might be in search of what you had written. In such cases, getting your blog famous on the internet is important. You can submit blogs to blogging directories and make your voice more audible on the internet. Submitting under the right category is a matter of concern here.

11. Interaction on the Website

If you have something on your website for the customer to do, then it would get fame faster. Small game-like interactions like hitting a fly with a mosquito bat, shooting a dart at a balloon and bursting it, striking a carom coin are little games will consume less time and space on the screen, but would be refreshing enough for the visitors and they will surely turn up another time. This can be an easy and straight forward way of promoting your website.

12. Promoting through Emails

You can get a list of customers' mail addresses and intimate them on promotions, new offers and other stuff that you would like to share. Do something different with your emails to prevent your mail from hitting the trash immediately. Gift coupons randomly attached to mails would make email marketing more enthralling.

13. Marketing through Mobiles

If you want to go everywhere, you must get on a mobile phone. Sending texts about your website would make you more familiar than any other means of promoting can do. Texting the existing customers about promotions and offers would retain your bond with them.

14. Photo Sharing

You can be on photo sharing websites and make use of them to promote your own website by sharing photos actively. This makes you optimize your presence on the web. You can share photos that speak for your website.

15. Press and Journals

You can intimate about your accomplishments to press that will find news for itself and do promote you in turn. Journals that publish content related to your website can become a platform for promoting you. Keep pace with journals and press releases to promote your website effectively.

16. Make Your URL Famous

You can take the help of your staff to do this. A simple way of doing it is by marking your URL visible to the public. Design shirts with the name of your website on it and encourage your staff to wear it once in a week or so. If you're really into promotion, you can attract your staff with offers that would follow them if they promote your website.

17. Make Use of Media

No matter how advanced life gets, there are still great impacts that newspapers and radios can create on people. Being humble enough about that, you got to peep out from online promotions and make use of newspaper and radio to promote your website. This can make people look out for you on the web.

18. Encourage Customers to Promote

This is an exciting way of promoting! You can owe your customers a free gift or anything of that sort for every new customer you get through them. This will make your customers share your mails and messages and you can reward those who have made their friends your customers.

19. Freebies with Website Name

Give away stuff like pens, notepads, and shirts with your website name on them, probably to people who make an enquiry and even those who deal with you. People would love to take things that you give them for free. Your website will get to be known by random people as these freebies travel places.

20. Flyers with Website Name

A direct way of promoting is through flyers. Explain the most about your brand in the simplest way possible. Make sure that people can spare time to read your flyer. Make it short and crisp but do convey the crux.

Now it's time to get set and promote your website!